When was the last time you went shopping to a walk-in store? You probably don't even remember. Seems to me, it's rather time saving to shop online because who has time to actually go shopping? In recent years, there have been so many online shops emerging on the internet and all of them offering a wide choice of fashion and jewellery and shoes. However, none of them have quite struck me with their character. Yes, I do believe an online shop should have a character reflected in the pieces they choose to sell, just like an interior design of a walk-in shop representing the designer's energy and the concept of his creations that are sold in that store. That was until I've stumbled upon The Dayrooms, a new concept store which brings us the edgiest designers and most unique pieces I have seen in a long time.
The pieces at The Dayrooms, which is run by it's founder Aiten Mehdieva and it's fashion curator Anna Karboinova, are "exclusive to their store and can't be found elsewhere". The six emerging edgy designers that they are introducing to the fashion crowd are...
These are my top three beautiful and unique pieces you can find at The Dayrooms online concept store...

xoxo JM

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