Trends from the 90s have made so many comebacks in the last couple of years that I have lost count. One of those comebacks was the choker, once worn by Queen Alexandra of United Kingdom in the 19th century to hide a small scar on her neck. Little did she know she would become the trend setter for the next centuries to come.
If you are as tired of simple black ropes and velvet chokers around people's necks, then welcome to the club because in this article I will give you directions to the most unique and stylish chokers you can shop online that can never be worn out.

This is a choker I actually own myself, and absolutely love it. A very eye-catching piece with a very romantic feeling to it.

This ivory choker I haven't yet laid my hands on. It is a beautifully embellished ribbon, and gives me major Marie Antoinette vibes.

A Western-style choker with all the more remarkably interesting name "Navajo" as in Native American tribe - Navajos. This could be styled with many different casual outfits and I can already imagine a perfectly put together Ralph Lauren outfit styled with this choker. 

A stunning piece of art, which I find absolutely perfect for a truly special occasion. A diamond choker paired with a simple and unfussy dress - THE EPITOME OF ELEGANCE. 

A very colourful and fun candy-like jewellery that Roxanne Assoulin herself describes as "Similar to ice-cream, but without the calories."

No one loves Vintage more than me, and that's why I couldn't miss a chance to include a beautiful vintage choker necklace in this list. This is an embellished with crystals vintage choker monogram necklace by Christian Dior featuring the CD initials. Combining old and new - the best choice I always make and suggest you to do so too.

xoxo JM


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    1. I fixed it, email me and I would be very happy to read your suggestions!


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