Vetements, a name so new to the fashion industry yet already on everyone's lips. The head designer of Vetements, a Georgian born Demna Gvasalia, now also the creative director of Balenciaga (thanks to his controversial style), has been reshaping the fashion world and the idea of beauty since his first Vetements collection just 4 years ago. His strange ideas brought to life on the runway are enveloped by inspirations from observing people, his grandmother and memories of his childhood in Georgia which was disrupted by war during the USSR. His ridiculously huge clothes which are adored and worn by many, were inspired by his own childhood clothes back in Georgia that were always big for him, due to the fact that there was a scarcity of pretty much everything including clothes. So, when buying his clothes his parents would always buy them a few sizes bigger so he would wear them for a few years before growing out of them. I should say that this is probably the most Soviet thing to do. When I was a kid, my parents also bought me clothes a few sizes bigger, because their parents did so, and their parents' parents as well. I feel you Demna.
On July 1st, Demna Gvasalia has showcased Vetements Spring Summer 2019 Collection, influenced by his memories of being forced to escape the country as his home town was bombed during the civil war. The trauma of being a refugee running for his life has been especially difficult for Gvasalia. The collection also has references to Russia as the Russian influence on the Georgian culture was very strong under the Soviet rule. As dark and depressing the memories and ideas behind this collection might be, I absolutely love it! The Georgian flag, the Russian flag, the Turkish flag, the Ukrainian flag, the tribute to the iconic Russian singer Viktor Tsoi.
Personally for me, the highlight of the whole show was... the Saint Basil's Cathedral print top!
Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a while until we get our hands on these pieces. In the meantime, I want your attention on the highlight of the past Fall Winter 2019 collection, the Russian passport-print leather cross body bag in a bright red which will very soon be available for purchase. You can put your name on the website wishlist I put the link to in the caption, and be notified when it is available. I surely did.
This print has also appeared on boots in the Fall Winter 2019 collection. Might this be the next wardrobe essential like Vetements sock ankle boots? We hope it will because this is one of the greatest and strongest transmissions of a culture into clothes.

xoxo JM

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