Not everyone is lucky to have naturally thick eyelashes, but you can still achieve that with a proper routine care. There are various possible reasons for having thin eyelashes. Sometimes it is the genetics, or hormones, or the amount of make-up that you wear and whether you rinse it off at the end of a day or not. There are two ways to change this, simple home remedies and an alternative method. So, let's start with natural home remedies as this method will save you a lot of trouble and money.
Castor oil and Burdock oil are both phenomenal at promoting eyelash growth and enhancing the thickness of the eyelashes. You can find these oils in any drugstore. Before going to sleep, apply either one of the oils on the eyelashes using a cotton ear bud and rinse away in the morning. You can do this as often as you like.
(Pukka Castor oil£9.99)
(Burdock oil£4.99)
An alternative method I have personally used and feel confident to recommend, is the RevitaLash serum. The serum used to contain an active ingredient called bimatropost which stimulates the hair growth, but recently Revita have replaced it with another prostaglandin found in glaucoma drugs. The results are noticeable in as soon as 2 weeks. I would suggest using the serum twice in a week before going to sleep or during the day since it dries very quickly. When you start using the serum, at first your eyelashes may experience some hair loss and the skin around your eyes may go red. That is due to the fact that as new eyelashes grow out from under the skin they obviously irritate it. The prices vary based on the bottle size.

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  1. Everybody Hates Chris sometimes bores me because the jokes aren’t so funny anymore but i still watch it all the time, do eyelashes grow back?


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