Sardinia is one of the most scenic places I have ever been to, and today I want to show you why. When saying Sardinia, the first thing that pops up in someone's mind is Porto Cervo. The glamorous yachts, expensive restaurants and women walking out their Birkins. Just 30 minutes away by car from Porto Cervo, there is a recently built village around a port. The place is called Porto Rotondo. It is more quite, genuine and intimate in comparison to Porto Cervo. If you are in the mood for shopping there are a few artisanal shops, some of which sell very beautiful jewellery. There are also a few restaurants with great food most of which are pricey but well, Sardinia generally is. If you ever decide to visit Porto Rotondo, it will strike you with it's romantic atmosphere and beautiful sunsets. So, don't forget your camera! 

xoxo JM


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